Our Story

Founded in 2019, we love being Canadian, we love Maple Syrup, and we love when you love pampering your skin.

That’s a lot of love. And truthfully, it’s the loving passion for what we do that got us started (and it keeps us going, too).

Our dynamic Canadian creators are deeply dedicated to high-quality personal care products that use only the finest vegetable derived ingredients. Never tested on animals, we are a cruelty-free company making a conscious choice about how we formulate our products and what goes into them. We are uncompromising collaborators with 30 years of expert knowledge in research, development, and manufacturing of holistic spa and personal care products that focus on our wellness care philosophy.

We’ve also reimagined the Castile soap tradition that continues to deliver noticable results in body care. So right from the mainstream of maple syrup, we’re honored to play a role in elevating all personal care as we share MapleX Naturals with you.



PS: We also love when our customers share the love with us. Here’s what they’re saying!