Our Story

Who We are

MapleX Naturals was launched in 2019 , we wanted to make a castile soap that could be exclusively used in the bathroom for the whole family. Our founders come form expansive background, cosmetics, personal care formulations in natural products and customer marketing and loyalty engagement strategies.

MapleX was born with the aim of making castile soaps softer and gentler for a new generation. Unlike other brands that offer Castile Soaps as all purpose for uses such as: bathing, laundry, pet cleaning, floor cleaning and other purpose we wanted to introduce an alternative product that can be enjoyed exclusively in the bathroom by taking only a shower or washing your hands. We also wanted our products to be cruelty free, chemical free, and naturally derived to protect and not harm the skin.

How We Started

Our Chemist had the idea that to be uniquely softer and moisturizing our soaps should be infused with Maple Syrup. This Canadian ingredient, popular as breakfast staple, is in fact an antioxidant and has wonderful moisturizing properties that are nourishing to the skin.

In summer of 2019 at our launch in the Canadian market, MapleX experienced immense popularity of our products. We initially launched in the Winners and Marshalls Stores across Canada, and we had overwhelming response from those customers. Today our products have remained a very popular staple in the Winners & Marshals stores.

Customer Response to Our Brand & Products

Many customers write to us about their experiences with our products. We have built a loyal and passionate group of customers. We have also educated all consumers on the benefits of Maple Syrup, and its moisturizing benefits as well as the overall benefits of Vegetable based ingredients we use in our Castile Soaps.

Many customers are in fact surprises that they cannot detect the smell of Maple Syrup in our products. It is not intended for that to be the case. Maple Syrup works behind the scenes to make your skin soft and smooth…we don’t want you smelling like a pancake.

Another question we get asked a lot is on the issue of lathering. We remind our customers that less lather means that you can slide the dirt off your skin easily. In fact, lather is artificially created to fulfill this customer perception, not necessarily that you have cleaner skin as a result. Some manufacturers play to this belief by increasing the chemicals in their products to create more bubbles and foam. The unrecognized side effect is, this can create more toxins in our bodies and can cause damage to the skin including irritations.

The Growth of MapleX

Since 2019, we have grown to offering our products on Amazon, Walmart.Ca and we sell our products directly from our Website. We also experienced continued demand for our products during the COVID- 19 pandemic. As such, we continue to benefit from great success in these channels.

Despite our growth we are committed to naturals products, and ensuring our products have no harsh chemicals and we continue to educate Canadians on the benefits of Castile Soaps.

We have increased the variety of the products fragrances to offer more choice to our customers. We have also established strategic partnerships with distributors that will see our brand continue to grow across Canada.

Our priority remains innovation and formulating products for our customers that will remain a staple in their personal care routine.

Finally, we love hearing from our customers, and many have shared their MapleX Experience with us. Please feel free to leave a review on our site or email us at