The Skinny On Lathering

The Skinny On Lathering

I was surprised when I started MapleX Naturals how much discussion there was about lather or no lather. Everyone has an opinion and loves a good lather, including myself. What I did not realize is that lather is created based on customer demand and the perception that the more lather you see when taking a shower, the cleaner your skin is becoming. Thus, most customers are under the impression that lather is created to make your skin cleaner.

In fact, lather is artificially created to fulfill this customer perception, not necessarily that you have cleaner skin as a result. Some manufacturers play to this belief by increasing the chemicals in their products to create more bubbles and foam. The unrecognized side effect is, this can create more toxins in our bodies and can cause damage to the skin including irritations.

It is quite common for people wanting to see something happening and that is why some manufactures add chemicals specifically to satisfy those who desire lathering. You can expect a lot of lathering in your soap or shampoo if your ingredient list contains ingredients such as  polyethylene, polyethylene glycol, polyoxyethylene, eth (as in sodium laureth sulfate), or oxynol.cocamide. These agents give the soap or shampoo a thick and foamy appearance.

Artificial agents also preserves the fragrance much longer. Studies have shown that some of the chemicals have adverse side effects, which further harms your skin and body.

There are alternatives to using soaps or shampoos with foaming agents. Castile soaps for one are naturally made soaps that using natural vegetable-based ingredients with essential oils. You will experience less foaming, or you can apply more generously to your bath scrub to satisfy your foaming desire. However, these soaps are working to give you a soft, smooth cleanse that will reduce dry skin and irritation.  And, you do not have to increase or decrease lathering to make this happen.

So next time you are in the shower and seeing a lot of foam think about what is going on your skin and down the drain to protect our environment.

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Dave Thompson

CEO – MapleX Naturals Inc.

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