How the inclusion of Maple Syrup Does Wonders For your Skin

How the inclusion of Maple Syrup Does Wonders For your Skin

Choosing the personal care products plays a big role in consumer purchasing decisions. Whether its opting for vegetable- or animal-derived ingredients in their products consumers more than are seeking solutions that preserves and moisturizes the look of their skin. Those are typically products with vegetable-based ingredients.  

But they also seek effective solutions. The recent trend by MapleX Naturals to include vegetable -based Castile Soaps Body Wash products that includes Maple Syrup extract fit the profile. The benefits of incorporating Maple Syrup is becoming well-known in both beauty and wellness. Maple Syrup has moisturizing and film-forming properties.  It has the ability to absorb to maintain proper water content to moisturize the skin and keep it youthful.

In addition to its natural humectant properties, Maple Syrup prevents skin and hair damage caused by other non-vegetable-based formulations. Moreover, Maple Syrup combined with other ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil makes the skin more radiant, illuminated and smooth say industry experts.

The reaction from our customers is not surprising. “We love this body wash. Cannot lie, we first bought a couple bottles and realized how much we love it, it cleans really well, smells great, not overpowering. And you feel very refreshed after” says Tricia, one customer who wrote in to describe her experience with one of our Body Wash products.

Finally, according to research by scientist from the University of Rhode Island, the found during their study, the scientists found that the red maple leaf extract helps to protect the skin’s elastin. While in the lab, they noticed that red maple leaf extract potentially hinders the activity of elastase, the enzyme that breaks down elastin. The extract may also have the ability to reduce inflammation and lighten areas of dark pigment.

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