The Surprising Benefits of Castile Soap

The Surprising Benefits of Castile Soap

There is nothing like feeling the luxurious streams of water run over your skin after a long hard day. Your senses become engaged with the buxom fragrance from your body wash or soap. You step out feeling refreshed and invigorated and your skin silky, smooth.

These pleasurable moments can become a frequent occurrence without any concern about artificial additives and harsh chemicals. All you have to do is choose your favourite MapleXCastile Soaps or Black Soap.  

They are infused with Canadian Maple Syrup to promote smooth, healthy skin.

The Origins of Castile Soap

In times past, it used to be a bit difficult to get Castile soap readily. However, that is not the case today. More people are more aware of the many benefits of this natural vegetable cleansing soap.

Castile Soap has its origin from Europe, specifically Castile mountains in Spain. In Castile, there was a rich supply of olive oil. This was the premier ingredient in the Castile Soaps, which made for a better aging process and consistent quality of the product over time.

The royal families of that time, who lived in Spain and other regions, were also fond of the soap made in Castile. This helped it to gain a foothold in countries such as England by the 1500s and it was shipped in huge quantities. Now, many hundreds of years later this soap is still the best biodegradable and all-natural personal care product on the market.

Reap the Benefits of Castile Soap

There is a lot to be gained from this all-natural, plant-based cleansing soap. Sure, it can be used for other household purposes and often touted as having many uses, but it is also packed with loads of nutrients and is safe for your skin.

Facilitates Moist Skin

You will find healthy fatty acids like, olive oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil, shea butter and hemp oil.  These ingredients promote moisturization for a youthful looking skin.  Glycerin is also a byproduct from the process of making these soaps which creates an hydrating effect.

Harmless on Sensitive Skin

Millions of people struggle with skin allergies and sensitivities. This soap is made from plants oils and is generally harmless to people with these conditions.

There Are No Toxins – Less Lather

Generally, manufacturers use some amount of sulfates which can be toxic, to help generate lather, but that is not the case with MapleX Castile Soap products, because our soaps do not contain any artificial ingredients.

Antioxidants Combat Free Radicals

One of the major concerns about skin aging is the effect of free radicals. Our soaps contain antioxidants like Vitamins A and E which trap these free radicals thereby protecting your skin from the harmful effects of these agents.  

MapleX Castile Soaps Single Purpose Use

If you are looking for beauty and personal care products that are made from all-natural ingredients, then look no further. MapleX Castile Soaps and body wash will suit your needs!

They have many uses and benefits, which have been tested and proven over time. MapleX offers a range of these items that have been infused with Canadian Maple Syrup and other natural ingredients such as palm oil, coconut oil, olive oil, palm kernel oil, Shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamins that are beneficial to your skin.

Constantly, we come up against harsh products and chemicals, pollutants, and free radicals that irritate our skin. Even the sun, wind and extreme temperatures can affect us. This is why you should use MapleX products products to promote the health and youthful texture of your skin.

MapleX all-natural products give you rich moisture and a soothing sensation, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

Get, MapleX Body Wash infused with Canadian Maple Syrup and Indulge Your Skin today!

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