Message From MapleX Naturals Founders

Message From MapleX Naturals Founders

MAPLEX NATURALS INC. was born from the idea of taking something that already exist and transform it through innovation and creativity. From the genesis of that idea, we set out to formulate our Castile soaps with a simple goal in mind; customers are to enjoy these wonderful soaps as a staple in their personal care routines. The result was exquisite body and hand Wash Castile soaps formulated with naturally derived vegetable oils. 

As a proud Canadian Company, we also wanted to add a distinct Canadian ingredient and a bit of Canadian heritage to augment the storied history of Castile Soaps. After some research by our development team, we made an amazing discovery! As Canadians we are known worldwide for our love of Maple Syrup, and it has long been a part of our cultural fabric as a symbol of unity and Canadian pride. We were therefore delighted to discover that Maple Syrup has properties that could slow the breakdown of elastin in the skin. 

Maple Syrup antioxidant properties also helps to increase skin hydration, reduces fine lines, and improve skin tone. And, no it does not in any way cause our Castile soaps to smell like Maple Syrup. This ingredient actively works wonders behind the scenes to make your skin soft and moisturised without you even noticing. What better ingredient to add to the rich history of Castile soaps and for you to enjoy!

We believe once you try our Castile soap products you will experience a harmonious wonderment, thanks to ingredients like Coconut Oil, Hemp Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Vitamin E Oil, coupled with the infusion of Maple Syrup which offers nourishing minerals and protective antioxidants for the skin. 

Noticeably, our Castile soaps are softer, gentler and are chock full of natural and organically derived ingredients that will benefit everyone in the family. We know that consumers expect skin care products that includes healthy nourishing ingredients harvested from nature’s bounty. 

Strategic Partnership and Customer Loyalty  

We are delighted with our exclusive manufacturing and distribution agreement with Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp., a Canadian biotech company. Through this partnership, we will also introduce a range of Hemp infused topicals. This strategic partnership includes brand management responsibility for online e-commerce sales for Amazon and Walmart Canada Marketplace. 

We also intend to introduce rewards initiatives to connect and engage with our customers. We recognize that customers do have a choice of personal care products and it is important that we reward their choice to use MapleX Naturals products. 

Please watch for new and exciting topicals and a variety of personal care products on our website and e-commerce channels over the next coming weeks and months. 


MapleX Naturals Inc 

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