Liquid Castile Soap or Castile Soap Bar – What’s the better option?

Liquid Castile Soap or Castile Soap Bar – What’s the better option?

If you are someone who is stuck on deciding whether to opt for a Castile Soap – Bar or Liquid; then this post is for you.

Liquid Castile Soap Vs Castile Soap Bar

  • Hydration and Moisturization

Conventional soap bars make our skin dry and strip away the natural oils on our face which in turn make an oily face more oily and a dry face even drier. Whereas Liquid Castile soaps foam well, cleanse very well and are undoubtedly more skin friendly.

  • Fragrance

Infused fragrance is a common practice now with most forms of soaps – be it a bar soap or a liquid wash. But with Liquid Castile Soaps infused with additional fragrances (like Maple Syrup for instance), the fragrance stays for a longer time.

  • Easy to Use

Liquid Castile soaps win hands down when it comes to ease of use. One has to just squeeze a bit of soap and that would suffice for a full and fresh bath / face wash or even just as a regular hand wash. And with Liquid Castile soaps one can experiment or explore DIY options too.

  • Long lasting

Well, both Liquid Castile soaps and Castile Soap bars have their pros and cons when it comes to which lasts longer. One might spill the liquid and the soap bars might reduce in quantity due to water soaking. Liquid Body wash has an upper hand here as one requires just a squeeze (or two) for a full bath.

  • Travel friendly

It’s a tie here – as both can be used in compact sizes. A bar soap can fit in any corner of your travel bag, and a liquid soap can be stored in a tinier bottle and used over few days.

  • Hygiene

Castile soaps in general are more hygienic compared to the regular soaps – as they are formulated with naturally derived vegetable oils. And with Liquid Castile Soaps they are more hygienic as they are not left open and are untouched.

MapleX Naturals’ products are a generous blend of naturally and organically derived ingredients that are safe and beneficial for the whole family. As a proud Canadian company, we’re excited to share the rich moisturizing power and skin benefits of 100% pure Canadian Maple Syrup with you. Combined with olive oil, coconut oil, hemp oil, jojoba oil, shea butter, vitamin E oil, and pure essential oils, you can easily incorporate a spa-like experience into your daily routine and show off your vibrantly revitalized complexion and supple skin.

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